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History History History

Listening to a webinar about blogging for genealogists.

So I tought I'd check out this unedited artifact of the past.  Browsing through the readerboard on the right; I realize what an odd eclectic collection.  Unfortunately, most of the linked posts stopped in the 2008-2010 timeframe.


I guess it is time for an update and refresh.

I used to have some rules about the format of each post.....if only I can remember what it was......

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Dios, Patria, Libertad


Getting back into the idea of travelling the world via Sunday morning breakfast.

I'm slowly growing to believe in plantains (even though they are hard to find in this neck of the woods).

Interesting breakfast combination, a starch and onions.

I should be doing something more humanitarian on this island though....after generating the links for this post, am wondering if maybe this is a sign of upbringing....


Major Tom


After going back to the beginning and after talking to an old friend tonight, I realize I have forgotten the creed for this bit of Tron's verse.

Go Beavs! (am feeling closest to my major right now rather than my industry....I'll be out at the closest large screen wearing my river pilot purple....)


My History Recollection

Today's Boston Tea Party

I'm not sure what to make of today's Tea Party Activities. In general, it seems to me that a president inherits the effects of the last term during their first year in office.
(Yes you heard me, I think that FDR's 100-day successes are a knockoff effect of what Hoover was trying to do...)

I did see many angry people in Pioneer Courthouse Square today. But on one hand, they looked like fairly well off people complaining about taxes. Different from the people who continually ask me if I want to save the polar bears, seals, forests, start a bearded army of ????, want to be my buddy (presumably for some sort of religious reason), or just flat out want/demand change (monetary kind that is).

On the flip side, personally, I am working on a 10% reduction in pay and not entirely sure if I'll end up with another reduction before this thing is not wanting more taxes myself. Currently I feel anguish about bankers, big business, and so-called Washington politics; but think that enventually bankers need for more money will let money flow to the masses, the people in business that make money will get back to stepping on people to make money, and that this experiment started around 230 years ago won't collapse on itself yet.

I don't know, the Original Boston Tea Party happened on December 16, 1773 (source Wikipedia) and my understanding is it happened to protest a Tax without representation. Should I be protesting a tax without representation? Unsure....I have elected representatives who hopefully represent the masses electing them, and (after completing my taxes tonight) did come to the conclusion that my tax refund is similar to last years, but yet feel the needs of this corner of our nation not met.

Kinda rambling here, interested in thoughts others might have to say....




Travels Some More

I was down in Sacramento this weekend for my grandmother's 88th Birthday.

One of my cousins tells me that it seems like I'm always travelling somewhere. (I look at my stick-on states map and a map of the world and I disagree a little....or I must always be going the same places...)

Things I got saw this weekend (besides Family):

Folsom State Prison (see this also)

California Foundry Museum

Vintage Ford

Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star aircraft at the Aerospace Museum in the former McClellan Airbase. My dad recollects this is the plane my grandpa worked on as a mechanic at Mather Field.

After the Beavs Performance this weekend, all I gotta say is GO BRUINS!